Invest in quality private assets with ease

RAC provides access and liquidity to quality private investments like commercial real estate and investment funds at lower minimums, allowing investors of all types to participate in opportunities previously out of reach or difficult to operate.

Benefit from enhanced liquidity and standarization

Historically, private assets have had very little liquidity, with investor participation locked up for years. RAC’s solution unlocks liquidity by reducing the frictions to transact and the idiosyncratic risk of each individual asset. Private investments become more liquid, making it easier to connect with potential buyers around the world.

Reduced holding period

The potential to enter, exit, add, or reduce your investment 24/7 on licensed trading platforms or direct peer-to-peer under applicable transfer regulations.

Reduced  illiquidity discount

Private assets are often exited at discounts to their true asset value or not able to find a market at all. RAC directly addresses this pain point by reducing the friction to ownership and transfer. 

Designed for global investor base

Investors universally seek to optimize along the efficiency frontier curve of risk vs. reward. Investors on the RAC platform can enjoy the return of privates of private assets with lower liquidity risk. 

Earn more from investing with world-class operators

Invest alongside world-class operators and investors in high quality, high return assets with your interests protected and the right incentives.

A secure, scalible investing platform

RAC does away with the usual paperwork hassle by replacing it with a secure, military-grade, investor portal. Onboarding takes 5 minutes gives investors instant access to future investment. RAC combines the entire process into a seamless UX – including verification, funding, and documentation.

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