Far superior way to raise capital

RAC provides an end-to-end platform to fund your projects faster, easier, at lower cost. We underwrite unique, idiosyncratic opportunities far more efficiently by accessing more capital from a broader global investor pool. Enjoy a far superior operator experience with confidence that RAC has your critical capital needs covered.

Lock up the capital, 
not your investors

Investors value liquidity and often pay 20-30% premium vs. illiquid assets of the same type. RAC allows you to comfortably execute on multi-year projects without the pressure of providing liquidity. Embedded with smart contract functionality, RAC's Smart Securities structurally enforce compliant transfers between buyers and sellers of your project's ownership or cash flow digitized rights around the world, 24/7, with nearly instant settlement.

Fund commercial real estate projects in unique, new ways

RAC designed an efficient method to fractionalize and standarize ownership of portfolios and individual assets to fit your needs and satisfy investor demand. To help fund a distressed building purchase for example, we may provide a reduced-rate junior loan in exchange for below-market sublease rights. 

A secure, institutional-grade infrastructure
you can trust

RAC’s all-in-one platform is built with the highest levels of security and compliance with electronic signatures, 256-bit encryption standards (used by the US government and military), and physical redundancy. 

What will you build?

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